Three takes on Trump

My first passengers for the day are an elderly Korean couple. We’re running a little behind schedule, but I reassure them that we’re still in plenty of time for check in.

“Not if we were flying to America!”, says the gentleman. “We flew from Seoul to the U.S. last year, and we had to be at the airport FIVE HOURS before departure time. They wanted to interview us both separately. It’s completely crazy – and it’s all Trump’s fault”.

Then towards the end of the day, an Israeli passenger gets in the cab. “Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is the worst thing he could have done”, says my passenger. “It only makes the rest of the world hate us even more”.

So that’s two takes on Donald Trump – Trump the paranoid and Trump the rabid reactionary.

For a third take, I have to turn my meter back nearly eight decades. A   little baby spits the dummy, then puts his foot on it and grinds it into the floor. “Hey Donald! Stop that!” says his mother. “Future presidents don’t behave like that!”

”You’re right”, says young Donald. “I should have picked it up and smashed it through the wall!”