Not another taxi blog!

I never wanted to start a blog. In fact, I thought it was a crazy idea. “This has been done before”, I thought. And I was thinking, of course, of  the brilliant blog by taxi driver Adrian Neylan, going under the name Cablog (, now archived by the National Library of Australia.

It wasn’t so much that I’m worthy enough to follow in Neylan’s footsteps – or tyre-treads. But after encouragement by three people whose advice I respect – including a lovely lady named Caroline, whom I just picked up – who told me to “go for it!” I thought “Yeah, why not?”

Adrian Neylan’s blog was great. But he was a night-time driver. He didn’t have to deal with the daytime corporate world. And the corporate world, after all, is what the daytime driver is thrown into – along with all the excesses, the intrigues, but also the often-fascinating insights offered by members of the business community, politicians and those just hanging onto their humanity by a fragile thread.

And why “Scabby Cabbie”? Well, I’ve certainly been called worse. And even scabs can be cleaned up and sanitised – eventually.